The natal chart I use for the Caliphate and the 2014 Solar Return for Iraq each occurred on 28 June 2014 within 25 mins of each other. The planets are virtually identical by sign and degree, it's just..
Surviving Saturn
In summary, this can be a difficult time as all transitions tend to be. However, it is a means to an end. Think of it as climbing a mountain and in the most difficult part where the going is steepes..
A Pope for the Uranus/Pluto square
As we head into the SIXTH of seven exact alignments between these two planets, expect even more controversy as the old ways continue to deconstruct and new ways of living in the world rush in to fill..
1971: Nixon, Gold, Jupiter-Neptune, and a Solar Eclipse Series ends
Anyway, my point (if there is one) is that America's ending in 1971 of backing the US dollar with the gold standard occurred in tandem with the ending of the 9 Old South Saros Series which looks signi..
Have you seen the Sun at midnight?
In an early period in astrological history (Babylonian/Egyptian?) Saturn was not usually named, but called..
The Mystery of Composites
Robert Hand came up with the concept of composites back in the 1970s, during the height of the Pluto in Libra transit, when society really began to focus on relationships and what makes them work or..
Astrology of Ebola
Ebola was "born" on the day of a new moon (no time available for the diagnosis) at 5 Cancer, which also saw Venus at 8 Cancer incorporated into the Sun/Moon conjunction...
The following is a composite of a series of articles about the rare square (90 degree separation in the sky) between the planets Uranus and Pluto. The fact that astronomers have demoted Pluto to..
Mars-Saturn-Pluto synastry (sinester?)
There is a strange connection between the two lives ended the unnatural way, their charts pointing at the danger of death and the synastry that relates the life of one person with the untimely death o..
Planetary Influences on the 5/11 axis: Helios and Ouranus
Analogical thinking is at the center of the idea "as above, so below"; without the concept of analogies, we would have a much harder time understanding virtually any abstraction, including how astrolo..
Separating Religion of Neptune from Politics of Jupiter
Jupiter and Neptune have a lot in common, both are ruler of Pisces, but the first is ancient. The 12th house ruled by Neptune and the 9th house ruled by Jupiter symbolizes IDEALS. But with Jupiter, th..
Comets in Astrology
Ancient Greeks treated comets as abnormal phenomena, believing they were illusions caused by disturbances in the upper layers of the atmosphere. They regarded comets as..