Saturn Returns and Sect
Sect modifies the qualitative status of these planets, particularly the benefic and malefic planets, so that they are more beneficial or harmful in different charts. So referring to the two groupings mentioned earlier, the planet Saturn is more constructive and positive in day charts, while it is more harmful and negative in night charts. Mars is the opposite, so that in night charts it is more constructive, while in day charts it is more harmful. The benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus, follow the same pattern, so that in day charts Jupiter is more helpful, while in night charts it is less so; Venus is more beneficial in night charts, while less so in day charts...
Uncovering medical misdiagnosis
The natural ruler of the pancreas is Venus. It is combust and exalted, not surprisingly, in Jupiter's sign, the ruler of blood. Translation: afflicted pancreas and too much sugar in the blood. The pancreas is not OK; we have an indication that she may not be diabetic type 2 after all...
Waco, Texas: 3-way Gang Warfare Leaves Many Dead
The Eastern dominance with Jupiter conjunct the Leo Ascendant and squaring the Midheaven tells so much of the story, especially when we focus on the fourth quadrant..
The Astrology of Growing Corruption in American Government
Pluto is challenging America's Jupiter. Put simply, our elites are being challenged by a terrorist war. A part of this war will be fought with weapons of mass destruction..
Separating Religion of Neptune from Politics of Jupiter
Jupiter and Neptune have a lot in common, both are ruler of Pisces, but the first is ancient. The 12th house ruled by Neptune and the 9th house ruled by Jupiter symbolizes IDEALS. But with Jupiter, the ideal is rather HIGHER and objective. With Neptune ideals are subjective and always based on a blind faith, something rather not tangible and never objectively proven...
Some thoughts on the Jupiter Cycle
Optimistic, expansive, and meaning-seeking Jupiter is now in the sign of Leo, where it will remain until August 11, 2015. Excitement is already high; try googling..
Mars Squares Jupiter (August 1, 2014)
Jupiter is your Avatar of Truth & Principles, holder of your Beliefs and Philosophies, your Religions and Sciences too. He is the preserver, protector of the hard won Wisdom of those who came before you..
Jupiter in Leo July 2014
From the big waves created by Jupiter in Cancer, deep down security issues, our homeland security I like to call it, we are now urged to come out whether we like it or not as Jupiter moves out in Leo.What we are coming out to depends on what we've just experienced, dealt with, secured and nourished over the last year. We move out and move on to outwardly expand, show ourselves off, own the individual that resides within and roar with our own truth that is now firmly set in our hearts...
Gold Rush: Jupiter's Transit of Leo
Jupiter increases whatever it touches. Leo is a big sign; pride, drama, attention, performance, self-expression, play. Expect more of the showy stuff. This will not be a quiet transit...
The Astrology of Comets
Important theory about the origins of comets, which was repeatedly published in Magnus' and Bacon's writings, was drawn from the books of Abu Ma'shar. In his Book of Conjunctions, Abu Mas'har developed the theory that the occurrences of conjunctions between the planets Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, also known as Great Conjunctions, would generate comets...