Aries daily horoscope – November 7 2018

06 Nov 2018, 04:00 pm

You have the New Moon in your 8th House TODAY – and that’s the part of your chart which deals with sex and money – sometimes separately and sometimes at the same time! When it comes to sex, if your love life is full, do whatever it takes to rev things up. If you’ve been inhibited, try something new. Go as far as you feel comfortable! Moneywise, it’s all about where your money is involved with someone else, so you have a chance for a restart re your pay or salary PLUS it’s a very good time to set out a debt repayment plan.

So what else to do with a Moon that’s new?

Get in tune with the New Moon. If you want to make your New Moon wishes amid all this high energy, you can use my free Wishing Guide here.


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