Astrology of the Day – Tuesday 10th October 2017

09 Oct 2017, 07:00 pm


The Moon is still in Gemini on this day and on her travels she activates almost all of the other planets in our solar system setting them alight with energy. This is going to prove probably the most active and stressful day of an already stressful week.

In opposing Saturn and making stressful links to Venus and Mars, our emotions are now fully tied into the restrictions on us that have been building in intensity since the events of the weekend. It’s time to put up or shut up, to make your decision how you wish to combat against or accept the will of others. You may have no choice other than to go with the flow, and realise that the actions you take now will have to be for the best.

There is however a shift in the cosmos too, as Jupiter on this day changes signs, moving from Libra into Scorpio. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, excess and risk taking and in this sign there is an all or nothing element to Jupiter’s movements. Jupiter’s presence in your chart will give you an opportunity to progress and move onwards and upwards, possibly in quite a significant way in the next 12 months, so long as you show endeavour and willing.

If you know your Ascendant sign, (that’s related to the time that you were born) then Jupiter’s shift of sign will affect you in the following ways…

Aries – Sharing, other people’s money and possessions, power, control, life/death matters, intimate relationships

Taurus – Relationship and partnerships matters, those who oppose you

Gemini – Matters linked to your health and welfare, daily work, routine, matters of service

Cancer – Your individual talents, matters with children, love and affections given out, hobbies and interests

Leo – Your home and domestic situation, the family, relations with women, matters of security, beginnings and endings

Virgo – The way you think, speak and communicate, correspondence with others, daily travel, learning new skills

Libra – Money and your income, your possessions and sense of values, your self worth

Scorpio – Your self, your appearance and body consciousness, self-confidence, how you relate to others

Sagittarius – Things connected to charity, sacrifice or suffering, working behind the scenes, matters hidden from view, spirituality

Capricorn – Matters linked to friends, group and cooperative activities, social and community affairs

Aquarius – Work and career matters, how you are perceived in public,relations with men in your life

Pisces – Faith, travel and connections with other cultures, higher learning, wisdom, diversity issues


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