Jupiter enters Scorpio: shift happens

11 Oct 2017, 08:34 pm

Jupiter enters Scorpio: the depths are calling

Jupiter has entered the Fixed Water sign of SCORPIO. The massive planet of expansion will be in Scorpio until November 2018. I’ll be talking LOTS about this transition of Jupiter as the themes it represents will dominate for a year and it’s always best to work with the planetary energies and not resist them, as we might be enticed to do by not understanding the magic inherent in each planetary placement. Scorpios’ magic is profound and not to be dismissed or relegated to the back burner of your awareness.

Scorpio is, perhaps, the most misunderstood, maligned, and feared sign in the zodiac. The dark underbelly may not be your cup of tea but whether you like it or not, the dark underbelly is now ripe and ready to make its way fully into your awareness. What you do with this energy is entirely your choice as the opportunity for deep and long-lasting transformation is front and center when Scorpio takes the stage. The house or houses of your chart where Scorpio transits this year and what planets are being stimulated by Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio will show you where this potential for your deepest growth and transformation will occur. Embrace the opportunity and you can move into your
power in ways you never have before. Deny the Scorpionic call for change and you set yourself up for who knows what hassles. Scorpio energy will not be denied. It will retaliate. Scorpio energy, when honored, can be the greatest catalyst for positive change.
Embrace it!

It’s a wild time on the planet, no doubt about it. Fires, floods, hurricanes, our country’s birth pangs as we create a new society that works for all of us. Pass the hemp oil, please. The world is catching on to this benign and powerful plant consciousness to support us in these revolutionary times that can shake you to your very core. Just found out they have taken cbd oil off the doping list for athletes. Justin Bieber is using cbd to get off his drug addiction. Dr. Dre, powerful music mogul, just endorsed cbd to treat his diabetes. Michael J. Fox is using cbd to treat his Parkinson’s disease.

I am telling you…CBD OIL is the gift to us in these times of trials and panic. I use the hemp oil to keep me out of flight-or-fight, moving me with grace and ease into relax, repair, and regenerate – clearly a Jupiter in Scorpio directive!
Don’t deny yourself the relief this plant is offering to us just when we need it. Just like the Salk vaccine for polio came and saved us from that nightmare and antibiotics arrived to offer miracles where the only other option was unthinkable but inevitable, now HEMP has come forth in a way that is safe and usable
by kids, animals, and you to support us in moving through these perilous times with calmness and clarity.
Not psycho-active. Legal in all 50 states the cbd Hemp Oil I distribute is the most bio-available, most absorbable on the market. You are not what you eat. You are what you absorb. What are you absorbing these days? Let me tell you about this oil and you decide for yourself!
I know we will all get through this.
The question is how will you choose to get through this?
I am here to educate and support you in all the ways that work for me.

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