Moonchild daily horoscope – August 8 2018

07 Aug 2018, 04:00 pm

If you love to work with the Moon, you will love my new MOON DIARY 2019 which came out yesterday! If you like what I do, please order it here! Thanks and love. Yasmin x

Want some more money? That could be exactly what you’re about to get now as the New Moon eclipse comes closer and closer in your 2nd House which is the part of your chart which is all about money. If you believe that your hard work can pay off, then it really can. If you believe you will be broke forever, though, watch out. You will get what you expect! So use this time to change your mindset.

PS Regarding this coming New Moon eclipse. I don’t know about you but it has been intense at this end! The retrogrades are adding to the thrills! Have you noticed? If you want to work with the eclipse, Yasmin Boland’s Moon Info Sheets have been specifically designed to help you do that. To celebrate the eclipse, you have get them with 20%-30% off here.


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