New Videos: Natal Chiron in Aries, Chiron in Pisces

12 Jun 2018, 12:39 pm

Over the few weeks, I posted videos on natal Chiron in the houses. Now I’m adding natal Chiron in the signs, and Aries and Pisces are posted below.

To get the full story on your Chiron, get the Chiron Natal Report. It covers natal house, sign, and aspects, as well as transits and progressions to your Chiron and transits of Chiron to the rest of your chart.

Also check out the Chiron Intensive, a 4-day, small-group healing event to transform your experience of wounding and healing, and energetic and emotional sensitivity. We’ll bring compassion to the wounded inner kid as I teach you to honor, work with, and process your emotional nature.

I’ll also teach you tools to effectively manage your emotional and energetic sensitivity, tools I’ve channeled and developed to help empaths live more full and fulfilled lives.

Finally, we’ll do several energy clearing meditations to support all of these processes.



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