Scorpio New Moon: Blurred Lines

07 Nov 2018, 11:33 am

Happy Scorpio New Moon! This is the time in the lunar calendar when we turn our attention to death and rebirth. If there is a place for everything within the zodiac, then Scorpio is the sign that takes us through our fears, our shadow, our psyche. It’s also power, trust, vulnerability, and intimacy. Through Scorpio’s emotional intensity and pressure we find the alchemy of transformation. That said, the new moon is exact on November 7, 2018 at 11:02 am EST, 15 degrees Scorpio. That’s 8:02 am Los Angeles, 4:02 pm London, and 3:02 am in Sydney on November 8.

Scorpio isn’t the easiest of signs. It’s raw. It doesn’t hold back. It can be obsessive at times. It lives for intensity as well as that emotional edge that reminds it that it’s alive. It knows that all things must die so that they can be reborn.

We all have Scorpio somewhere within us, even if we push it away and disavow it. The Scorpio New Moon reminds us that this energy lies within. It pokes and prods at our shadows and demands we take note of our unconsciousness. Scorpio is the place where we leave our comfort behind and jump into the unknown.

What does it mean when we have a lunar month focused on the energies of Scorpio? It means that our experiences, feelings, and interactions will be through the lens of transformation and rebirth. We all have to go through Scorpio in our journey through the twelve signs. It’s an integral part of our growth and healing. Scorpio is where we meet deepest self.

With Mars still in Aquarius, this month we’re still digging into our shadows on a collective level. How do we transform humanity? How do we have hope for a better future? Aquarius also touches on things in our personal lives — our friends, our community, our social network. There’s a reality we have to face about the people we’ve attracted into our lives. How do we set boundaries with friends? Can we trust people in our social network? And since we’re dealing with Scorpio, something has to transform.

In the chart of the new moon we find the North Node newly in Cancer. This is reminder that at the end of the day we need to make sure we are loved in cared for. Scorpio may be emotionally fearless, battling its way through relationships, but how do we get back to our roots, to what really nurtures us?

Jupiter is also at the very end of Scorpio, poised to arrive in Sagittarius on November 8. There’s a sense that whatever we experience over the next four weeks is the logical outcome of all our work while Jupiter was in Scorpio since last October. This means that we’re inspired to be emotionally brave, generous, fearless. We’re sharing the wisdom that we learned of our own darkness and the darkness of others.

We can’t forget that Scorpio is a deeply intuitive sign and has been known to have an x-ray like vision. This is a lunar month to sharpen our intuition and search within for answers. With the Sun and Moon trine Neptune, the boundaries between this world and the next are blurred. Make sure you’re keeping your feet on the ground, discerning truth from illusion, reality from a dream. Similarly, our dreams may be very vivid over the coming weeks.

In short, we’re doing our work this month. (I know, we were doing it last month while Venus was retrograde in Scorpio.) Don’t be afraid to look at yourself, if it it’s uncomfortable. How do you take responsibility and ownership in what you are creating? Our thoughts and beliefs are powerful, even when they are unconscious.

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