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Urania.info ||
Articles for advanced astrologers.
http://www.urania.info/ 2332
Astrology Research Software - Free Astrology Charts for Newsmakers
Database of famous persons and world events. Software for astrological research.
http://www.astrodatabank.com/ 2437
Horoscopes, Astrology and Charts - StarIQ.com
A lot of articles from many well known astrologers.
http://www.stariq.com/main.HTM 3811
Articles, software and much more in both Russian ang English languages.
http://astrologic.ru/index.htm 2153
Zodiac Gazette: Web Issue #38 - August 10, 2002
Articles, book reviews etc.
http://www.starflash.com/zodiac/ 2029
Zodiacal Zephyr
Articles, links to programs, online-horoscope, ephemeries and databases.
http://www.zodiacal.com/ 6805
ASTROLABE: Astrology Software
Some programs, articles, links and option to order birth horoscope to e-mail.
http://www.alabe.com/ 3659
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Online-horoscopes and online magazine. Reviews of astrological software and downloads. Articles and much more interesting both in English and Russian.
http://www.urania.ru/ 3047
The Mountain Astrologer magazine
Astrological magazine. A lot of good articles.
http://www.mountainastrologer.com/ 2116
A lot of astrological links in Russian language.
http://www.stargate.ru/ru/ 3268
Welcome | Widget's Astrology World
Online-horoscope, synastry and articles.
http://www.widgetsworld.co.uk/index.php 5076