Why attack Paris? | Astrology in Crime
In order to get an understanding of the Fifth Republic and what it stood for, we generate a snapshot of the heavens on that date with planets and asteroids that we believe are likely relevant to our e..
Eclipse Mechanics and the Saros Series
The meaning of each Saros Series is determined by the aspects that were present at the first solar eclipse of the series. This is because a Saros Series begins when an eclipse occurs at either the Nor..
Astrology of the Paris Attacks
This first strike chart is immediately ominous with the anaretic South Node conjunct the Midheaven. Any planet or point on an anaretic degree is considered unstable and the South Node can represent vu..
Predicting Breast Cancer with Astrology
The scope of this study will examine astrological factors of the Moon's aspects to other planets, the Moon's placement, phase, and as well as other factors on breast cancer. The analysis will be on ba..
The Uranus Opposition
Uranus represents the urge to live and express ourselves authentically, whether the stakes are large or small. The struggle for authenticity, and the stress we experience when sacrificing or embracing..
When Uranus goes retrograde, his qualities are likely to be intensified, particularly around the times he stations retrograde (as he is now) and direct. In contrast to Uranus in direct motion, when we..
Was it worth it? Venus Retrograde Survival Guide
During any retrograde, we go inward for a time to process what that particular planet has to teach us. In the case of Venus, this is largely around money, relationships, trust and self-esteem issues-..
The Zodiac And Why There Are 12 Signs, Not 13
The astronomically incorrect description of Ophiuchus as an..
Playing Games With The Euro - The Oxford Astrologer
You have only to look at the difference between the chart for the EU (1993) and the chart for the original EEC (1958) to see how far things have slipped from the original ideal of the a European comm..
Yuri Gagarin's horoscope
The Out of Bounds Moon shows that Yuri Gagarin had a very unique personality and that his odd interest in space travel did bring him eventually physically out of this world, for the first time in hist..
John Frawley
If the universe doesn't make sense, if we cannot possibly understand it, if we do not have a process by which we may understand it, why ever are we wasting our time with astrology? Because if the univ..
The Progressed Station and the Mythic Quest
Progressed Mercury is unique in that the entire cycle may be experienced -by progression -within one individual lifetime. Mercury retrograde lasts about twenty days -twenty years by progression. So it..