Comets in Astrology
Ancient Greeks treated comets as abnormal phenomena, believing they were illusions caused by disturbances in the upper layers of the atmosphere. They regarded comets as..
Analyzing the 20 Year Jupiter Saturn Cycle for 150 years of the USA
This twenty-year cycle is perhaps the most important of all the shorter synodic cycles. It has a definite effect on the chart of every nation on the planet...
In trying to track down the approximate onset of Ebola, I felt stymied. The first death from Ebola occurred extremely close to the September 8, 1976 Full Moon...
Astrology for the Ottomans
Among the Ottomans there was constant controversy over whether astrology violated the principles of reason and religion. Although many Islamic scholars judged astrology to contravene religion, astrono..
The History of Astrology, Another View
It is the thesis of this author that astrology as we know it came into being only once in time and in one place; the place is Mesopotamia (roughly modern Iraq) and the time is to be discussed below...
World astrology forecast for 2014 and 2015
Corruption in all 3 branches of government in violation of the constitution is radicalizing much of the general populace into feeling that there is no option left but revolution. The established power..
Russia and 19ยบ Libra
Russia is traditionally is linked to the sign of Aquarius, where Sun (life, king...) is in detriment. However, Neptune is exalted in the sign of Aquarius, and Russia can be linked to the sign of Pisce..
Scorpio Solar Eclipse October 23rd
The upcoming partial solar eclipse in Scorpio will be the last eclipse in this sign until 2022. The 0 degree of the eclipse emphasizes this need to try new things, explore other ways of being true to..
Lunar Principle in Medical Horary Charts
Moon, the only constant in all kinds of horary charts, is of utmost importance in medical horary charts from the beginnings of horary astrology up to the period of her blossoming in the 17th century...
Astrology and Research
This paper looks at the issues raised by a questionnaire completed by a small group of professional astrologers concerning their approach and attitude to astrological research...
Final Dispositor - The Astrology Dictionary
Final dispositor is a term that is used in modern astrology to refer to a planet in a chart which all other planets are dependent on, either directly or indirectly, through the process of rulership. T..
Pluto in Capricorn - Old Patterns Can No Longer Exist
Pluto will enforce evolution by bringing up all the dirty aspects and hidden secrets in whatever sign it's in, and forcing confrontation. Pluto is basically saying..