The White Masks Of Ebola - The Oxford Astrologer
Here is a chart for the first Ebola outbreak in 1976. Note the conjunction of Chiron..
The Fertility of Failure
You probably know about Saturn ... restrictions, frustrations, self consciousness and criticism, inner recognition of talent, and the relentless failures that create obstacles to achievement in that s..
The Misconception About Synastric Nodal Contacts
When a person's planets/angles conjunct your South Node, there is usually a strong pull to be together, along with the sense that you've always known each other...
Thema Mundi & the Aquarian Age
The Thema Mundi can strike one as a rather strange beast at first. Thema Mundi literally means..
Pluto and Uranus Cycle
Since the first exact square back last June 2012, we can all still sense that more unrest is on the way. We know that so much more needs to be done, so much more needs to happen in order for us to fee..
Astrological Physiognomy from Ptolemy to the Present Day
Physiognomy, the art of judging character or destiny through physical appearance, has had a long and varied history. Although not strictly astrological in all its forms, it is usually found bundled up..
Astrologer Rips Famous Skeptic's Comments
The intrinsic nature of scientific understanding has changed over the years..
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries, October 8, 2014
The Aries Moon conjoins Uranus opposing the Libra Sun conjunct Venus with Pluto in Capricorn forming a T-Square with both. As much as the Libra Sun and Venus would like to keep the peace, the other pl..
Saturn Through Houses
Saturn transits can have profound effects on your life. Known as the teacher, when Saturn transits a house, you can expect matters of that house to come to the forefront for the next two and half year..
What is the Tradition in Astrology? The Carter Memorial Lecture
The distinction between what is traditional and what is not is often seen as a temporal division. Old stuff is traditional; new stuff is not. This is an error..
The Kennedy family and 18º Cancer
Inside the sign of Cancer, which is primarily related to genetics, there is a special place (18° Cancer), which tells about somebody from our genetics, who had made a huge change and put together 1 a..
Einstein's 'Miracle Year' 1905
A few individuals are born with remarkable intellect and possess human knowledge as profoundly as Einstein. Heralded as a great genius of our time he revealed the secrets of the Universe and brought a..