Transits to Stelliums and the Recurring Story Arcs They Trigger
If you're juggling the complex mixture of planets in a stellium or triple conjunction, your life story isn't the same as most people's you know, though the broad outlines might be similar. What makes..
Scottish Independence: Change Is Coming
Pluto the planet of change and transformation has been hanging around the UK Sun for some years now, but nothing truly earth-shaking has happened, unless you count a coalition government or the sale o..
Astrology & Chess: pieces - planets, houses - game stages correlations
The King is obviously correlated with the Sun. When the King is besieged and captured (checkmate) the game is over. The Queen is correlated with the Moon in astrology. The Moon moves quickest of all p..
The Astrological Theory of Location
The theory of location proposes that any place has its own particular 'vibration' or tone which can be conveniently expressed in terms of a planet or sign or a combination of planets or signs...
The Zodiac of Dendera
The Zodiac of Dendera (or..
The Value of Symbolic Systems
So, some of us are..
How Astrologers Measure The Night Sky
When we look up at a clear starlit night sky we are gazing at a magnificent four-dimensional panorama. The crescent moon and the planets are set against the backdrop of a multitude of illuminated spec..
The Esoteric Aspect of the Zodiac - Vedic Astrology
The esoteric natures of the zodiac as well as occult significance of astrology were well known to the ancient seers of India. But, predictive astrology was not held high esteem by them; the main inter..
Planetary Cyles & Assassinations of the Presidents of the USA
Every time Neptune has been in the middle degrees, 16 to 17, of a fixed sign a President HAS died in office. For Presidents Garfield and Kennedy, both gunned down, Uranus returned to the within the s..
Moon Sun finance is the relationship between the market activity and lunisolar cycles. To date, numerous correlates have been produced between the Moon, Sun and financial trends, some of which have be..
The Myth of Fatalism in Predictive Astrology
Since my early years I argued that free will was a human illusion, so the most important factor that attracted my attention in Classical astrology was its predictive goal, which only confirmed my susp..
Astrology of the Simple View (Astrology of the Pre-Zodiacal Era)
Long before the emergence of the solar zodiac, during the 2nd millennium BC a Babylonian magician-priest was interpreting heavenly omens daily, based only upon the impression the heavenly phenomena l..