The Singleton Planets
There are general things we can say about any planet as a singleton, but the sign and house it occupies and rules give specific, unique meaning to it in the individual's life. The more singletons one..
Desire and Discernment - Mars Meets Saturn at Monday's Virgo New Moon
Monday's New Moon in Virgo (7:13 am Pacific) is strongly flavored by the conjunction of Mars and Saturn..
The Influence of Eclipses in Mundane Astrology
Eclipses function as karmic activators or suppressants. They are not used much in modem astrology. In ancient astrology, they were used constantly. A whole book could be written on the subject of ecli..
August 6 1991: first-ever webpage online
First-ever webpage was published under the influence of a brilliantly innovative Mercury/Uranus trine on August 6, 1991 @14:56:20 GMT, Geneva, Switzerland...
Chiron, Pholus &.Co
The position of Chiron's orbit, placed between Saturn and Uranus, is rather special. In spite of all attempts at classification, Chiron has, as it were, taken on the role of a planet. His path is seve..
Jung & Synchronicity by Maggie Hyde
The psychology of Carl Jung has been one of the most formative influences on modern astrology. There are few contemporary texts that do not somewhere rely on, quote or misquote a concept that comes di..
New Moon in Virgo - August 2014 - Disarray
It's like all the planets have arrived back to work after a holiday. A raft of aspects become exact on this date so it's a busy day in the cosmos. It feels a little fraught at times, edgy, confusing a..
Financial Panics
Conventional wisdom says,..
Venus transiting in Leo
Venus left emotive Cancer and entered fiery Leo. In astrology, Venus governs what we value in romantic relationships and how we express these desires to others. In Leo, Venus values the freedom of cre..
Astrology Of The Michael Brown Shooting In Ferguson Missouri - Oh My Stars
The city of Ferguson Missouri was incorporated on November 19, 1894..
Astrology Birth Chart Robin Williams
This is truly sad news. Robin Williams has passed. Rest in peace, dear One. His birth time is known, so if you would like to see his birth chart, it's below..
Some thoughts on the Jupiter Cycle
Optimistic, expansive, and meaning-seeking Jupiter is now in the sign of Leo, where it will remain until August 11, 2015. Excitement is already high; try googling..