Icarus in the Birth Chart
Icarus in the birth chart shows how and where we seek to be free of constraints. We will want to liberate ourselves from limiting mental (in air signs), emotional (in water), physical (in earth) or c..
What are the Prospects for the Euro?
At 12.05 am on 1 January 1999, Stephen Perry, CFO at VISA International and author of CIMA Publishing's Topical Issues title European Monetary Union, paid for a bottle of champagne, priced 63.91 euro,..
Aquarius-Leo: The Flow of Love and the Flowering of Human Consciousness, Part I
Gather a group of Aquarians together and the one thing that they will all have in common is their desire to be unique..
Venus in Aries: Icons - The Oxford Astrologer
It might not be what you expect from Venus in Aries, but there are more icons in this group than any other. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney: these a..
The astrological meanings of all the most important stars in our night’s sky
In this huge article, I will run through all the fixed stars that I personally look at on a regular basis and what their meanings are when they are linked up to the planets and angles in our natal ast..
Unrefined Ego: The Unaspected Sun in Relationships
The Sun represents your purpose, ego and conscious will. It will always be a primary player in relationships. The aspects that your Sun makes to your other planets describe how you integrate its energ..
Saturn In Scorpio | Austin Coppock
In Scorpio, Saturn brings attention to the ways we deal with life's most intense topics: sex, death, transformation and spirituality. Yet these most potent experiences are the ones we all hold at arm'..
The Vertex Axis in Relationships
If the Ascendant was determined by the intersection of the Great Circles of the Ecliptic and Horizon and the MC was determined by the intersection of the Great Circles of the Meridian and Ecliptic, th..
Hermes (Mercury) as the Transporter of Dead Souls and Moira in the Hellenistic Astrology
A human being is just such a Hermes, suspended between the two worlds (materialistic/physical and mind/spirituality)..
The Evolution of Western Astrology
Western astrology arose out of a synthesis of Babylonian, Greek and Egyptian ideas between the second millennium B.C. or earlier, and the second century B.C. Although documentary evidence is scanty, s..
Does Uranus Rule Astrology by Dane Rudhyar
For some reason, which is not too clear to this writer, it has been traditional among astrologers to believe that Uranus is the planet ruling astrology and the work of astrologers. This belief throws..
Mars Squares Jupiter (August 1, 2014)
Jupiter is your Avatar of Truth & Principles, holder of your Beliefs and Philosophies, your Religions and Sciences too. He is the preserver, protector of the hard won Wisdom of those who came before y..