The Five Hundred Year cycle of Pluto and Neptune
Neptune/Pluto takes about 500 years to move from longitudinal conjunction to longitudinal conjunction in the sky. Transforma­tion on a mass scale takes place when this conjunction occurs. Neptune/Plu..
Astrology: Art, Science or Craft?
Many times, I've had people ask if astrology is an art or science. Ultimately, I look at it as a craft, but I think it is more an art than a science. I know many other astrologers would disagree, whic..
The Seven Pillars of the Matrix
From the institution from which we are mercilessly bombarded with words and enslaved to time, we begin our descent through the seven planets and into the Matrix. The descent of one's soul through the..
2 Airplanes crashed in 48 hours
While we are mourn for MH17 been shot done in Ukraine , we have another 2 airplanes crushed in 2 days , 3 Planes in one month ...
Towards a Responsible Astrology of the Future
With Pluto now firmly in Capricorn, the time has come for people in positions of authority to use power wisely and responsibly. This applies to astrologers. We are in a position of power, not necessar..
Synastry You dont attract what you want, you attract what you are
Just as the Cancer Moon finds safety at home, and Pisces moon may find religion or alcohol a comfort zone and a Libra moon needs to always be in a partnership, Scorpio moons destroy themselves, Virgo..
Astrological studies of Air disasters | Rod living in Astrology
A thorough research of air disasters that includes crash charts, airlines charts, astrocartography and quite many recent and older examples...
Cosmic Update: Saturn and Uranus Stations
With both Saturn (16°SC39') and Uranus (16°AR31') becoming dead stationary within 30 hours of one another, let's examine the effects of this phenomenon which from our position on earth sees each pla..
Retrograde Planets and their Number in the Natal Chart
Amazing and very deep article about retrograde planets by astrologer Gregory Rozek from Poland. Article is full of illustrations and quotes from classical texts...
Weekly Horoscopes July 2014 - Ed Tamplin
The horoscope of 911 will be re-activated in 2014. It fields the Grand Cross on its Ascendant. The progressed Sun of the 911-attack chart comes to square Mars by July of 2014 with the progressed Moon..
A Description of the Astrology of Eris
There is a new planet out there beyond Pluto. Its diameter is 1500 miles, making it larger than Pluto. It has a highly eccentric elliptical orbit and ranges from 38 Astronomical Units to 97 Astronomic..