Astrolofting: Musings: Astrology Chart for MH17
In the departure chart of that airplane, asteroid Russia is in exact conjunction with Saturn. Asteroid Ukraina is on MC. Venus is actually conjuncting Betelgeuse, a war mongering red star...
How does Mars affect the way that you express love and sex?
Mars is the planet of action, it is how we express love and the physical, intimate sides of our relationships and you can tell much about a potential lover just by looking at where their Mars sits and..
Jupiter in Leo July 2014
From the big waves created by Jupiter in Cancer, deep down security issues, our homeland security I like to call it, we are now urged to come out whether we like it or not as Jupiter moves out in Le..
Gold Rush: Jupiter's Transit of Leo
Jupiter increases whatever it touches. Leo is a big sign; pride, drama, attention, performance, self-expression, play. Expect more of the showy stuff. This will not be a quiet transit...
Solar Arc Directions
Solar arc directions are an extremely useful tool for the practicing astrologer. They are a viable alternative to other methods of symbolic movement of the natal chart, such as secondary progressions...
Chiron, the Evolutionary Perspective: Chiron's Planetary Nodes
The resources found through the planetary nodes of Chiron pertain to specific and peak emotional memory imprints..
Israel versus Gaza
Upcoming combination of aspects point to what may be the final chapter of the most recent iteration of a grueling and destructive historical quarrel. The five-month period from October 2014 through Ma..
Squares and Oppositions: Projection and Inner Conflicts
The hard aspects in astrology are usually interpreted as a whole in most readings the conjunction, square and opposition and that is how this site also interprets them...
The Outer Planets
One of the big controversies in astrology is what planets should be included in reading charts. In particular, what do we do with the planets that have been discovered since the 18th Century, Uranus,..
Sumerian Astrology: from Those Ancient Sumerian Astrology Tablets
The Sumerians gave the world astrology. Sumerian astrology tablets are the first historical record of astrology. They are literally the oldest astrological documents. They named many of the constellat..
The Seven Bodies Of Man In Hermetic Astrology
Soul enters the terrestrial world through conception and birth, acquiring a physical body. On its way to incarnation the soul traverses the planetary spheres, assuming a subtle, also known as 'astral'..