A New Type of Lunation Guidance by Dane Rudhyar
I am introducing here what, to my knowledge, is a new approach to the use of the lunation cycle for the purpose of analyzing the weekly and monthly trends in the lives of individuals...
Inconjuncts in Synastry: Agree to Disagree
No aspect is more frustrating than the inconjunct (or quincunx). This tense 150-degree angle links two signs that have absolutely nothing in common. Each sign is in a different element (fire, earth, w..
Chiron: Pain Without Suffering
Chronic (chiron-ic) pain is a reality of life, and for some (especially those with Chiron strongly featured in their birth chart), pain is a larger reality and lifelong teacher...
Female Authors and Their Characters - the Incredible Power of Personal Named Asteroids
Over the past decade I've chronicled the appearance of PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) in news stories and current events, as well as the lives of celebrities and politicians. I've seen them appear in..
The Astrological Ages
The Earth takes about 25,000 years to move in retrograde motion, through the 12 constellations, and it spends roughly around 2,000 years to travel through each zodiacal sign, and these periods are kno..
Introverted vs. Extroverted in Astrology
The element of water and its sign are seen as the introspective ones, while fire signs are supposed to be the extroverted ones. Air falls between the extroverted to the introverted, while earth falls..
What Makes Astrology Tick?
Some people think that the planets send rays of some kind, or perhaps transmit force-fields and affect human life in this manner. This would make astrological influence the result of some kind of pure..
Sedna, astrological meaning
Sedna's placement in the natal chart is not so much a mystery as a revelation of a new aspect of ourselves which each of us as individuals must now learn to integrate into our conscious being: the car..
A Basic Guide to Astro Meteorology by Kim Farnell
Astrometeorological charts are interpreted using the 4th house as the main indicator followed by the first house. 50% of the overall prevailing conditions are described by the planets in the 4th house..
Celestial Twinkle: Chiron in Pisces Retrograde motion June 19th, 2014
Chiron known as the wounded healer, teacher, shaman and maverick has been transiting through the mystical Spiritual sign of Pisces. Chiron in Pisces at 17 degrees shifts into Retrograde phase. This..
Astrology of Now: Battle for the Throne of Ishtar
It's fascinating that the Islamic fundamentalist group attempting to take over Iraq has as its acronym ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria), which happens to be the name of the great god..
Noel Tyl: Getting to Node You: Astrology's Hidden Grip in Relationships
When two people get together, two horoscopes meet. One person's needs and behavioral resources interact with another person's needs and behaviors. Specifically, one person's idealism, say (the conjunc..