Charleston shooting, Saturn in Scorpio
His SOUTH NODE in Taurus is conjunct to Fixed Star ALGOL, Medusa's head the most infamous Star in the Heavens. The most notoriously Star of danger and EVIL. And even more importantly his North Node..
Unifying Astrology with Other Disciplines
Astrology is a discipline that requires mastery in both the inner and the outer realms. To apply it scientifically requires an understanding of sciences like astronomy and physics and biology and mete..
Mass Murder in South Carolina
The Moon makes a 24-minute partile opposition to Pluto in square to Uranus and the IC. Here then is the critical factor of the chart. With Mars out of bounds, it draws even more attention to Uranus in..
The 12th House as a Vocational Indicator
If we were studying astrology in the 14th century or up to a thousand years before that, the 12th would be listed as one of the career houses. Planets placed there can show a vocation in the original..
Uranus vs. Saturn and the Value of Inconsistency
If we use Saturnian means to solve a problem, the solution will not leave the realm of Saturn. Likewise, all the discoveries of modern science are conditioned by the scientific methods and quantitativ..
Uranus/Pluto ~ Porn V Sacred Sex
In this article I propose that Uranus square Pluto might be a sexual revolution, rather than a political one. The Pluto/Uranus conjunction of the 1960's was the seed moment of this process. Along with..
Transiting Saturn will retrograde to square the radix Sun again in September 2015 after having squared radix Venus (and Mercury) during August. These transits are likely to coincide with some serious..
Humanistic and Psychological Astrology
Astrologer Rob Hand takes a look at psychological and humanistic astrology as a challenge to science...
Saturn Returns and Sect
Sect modifies the qualitative status of these planets, particularly the benefic and malefic planets, so that they are more beneficial or harmful in different charts. So referring to the two groupings..
6th House Astrology: Social Service & Humanitarian Activism
In the outer world, 12th house represents beings that have fallen into society's blind spots..
The City of Baghdad, a curious astrological election
Baghdad was founded in 762 on July 31st. It is one of the few great cities of the globe where astrologers had a say in the timing of its first brick...
Uncovering medical misdiagnosis
The natural ruler of the pancreas is Venus. It is combust and exalted, not surprisingly, in Jupiter's sign, the ruler of blood. Translation: afflicted pancreas and too much sugar in the blood. The pan..