Venus & the Cube in Arabian Cosmology
It is well known by Traditional Astrologers, particularly those working in Mundane astrology, that Islam is under the governance of Venus. This is an ancient association which has been transmitted to..
Neptune Station Retrograde: Awaken From The Dream
We all need to dip into Neptune's waters of just being from time to time, as a measure to the time we spend doing. Losing all sense of time and space, for a bit, is a welcome and necessary reprieve fo..
The Opposite Aspects: Astrology and other Divisions, Dualities, and Contrasts
The Opposition aspect represents tension, pull, a tug of war, and being torn between one thing and another. However, there is also a complementary element to signs that oppose, and there are shared si..
Chiron Stations Retrograde at the Solstice
Chiron Retro in Pisces stirs up the pain of feeling separate from Source, which can show up in the form of helplessness, hopelessness, addiction, escapism and/or denial. Where do you feel like a victi..
Iraq and the Cancer Ingress Chart
I looked at the Cancer ingress chart for Baghdad and it's a tense chart indeed. Firstly, what leaps out at me is the Nodes sitting right on top of the Ascendant..
Visual Astrology Summer 2014
As we get towards late Summer a very interesting picture starts to form in the skies above us and it may just predict a time when we see some a crisis with the leaders of the world having enough and..
Dane Rudhyar's Approach to Cycles
Astrology can be defined as a technique for the study of life-cycles. Its main purpose (is to establish) the existence of regular patterns in the sequence of events constituting man's inner and outer..
Chiron-Neptune: The Shaman & the Mystic
The clue to Chiron's astrological meaning is contained within his story. Born as a centaur, and a son of Kronos, he is rejected by both his father and his mother, Philyra. He experiences himself as an..
Annoyingly Intelligent People – The Astrology of Mensa-Level Intelligence
There are some factors that have been used frequently to determine intelligence from the natal chart through the years. Some of those include: a strong Mercury, emphasis of the Air element, the speed..
Mercury Retrograde Started: Here's How To Get Through The Craziness Of The Next 3 Weeks
You may have noticed, things over the past 6 days or so may have felt a little wonky. You may have noticed you can't think as straight, your friends and family are not quite getting along as normal an..
The Moon, Emotions, and Diseases
Astrologically the Moon relates to the inner being of an individual, in spiritual astrology it rules over the soul, and it was also linked to our passions, psychology referred to it as passions of the..
Did Ptolemy Use Whole Sign Houses?
The purpose of this article is to highlight some instances in the Tetrabiblos in which Ptolemy clearly seems to be using whole sign houses...