More On Making “Debilities” Work
One can make planets in detriment and fall work not only better, but quite well indeed. I mentioned in particular Mercury in Sagittarius and Mercury in Pisces. A couple more comments are in order on d..
Astrology and the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
The assassin Gavrilo Princip is represented by no less than four asteroids, all of which feature dramatically with death indicators. Gavrilo is the Serbian version of the Hebrew name..
Horoscope of the Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve came into being in Washington DC on December 23 1913 at 6:02 PM when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve act...
The medieval alchemists laid a great emphasis upon this theory of Signatures, following in that the old Chinese tradition..
The Astrology of Comets
Important theory about the origins of comets, which was repeatedly published in Magnus' and Bacon's writings, was drawn from the books of Abu Ma'shar. In his Book of Conjunctions, Abu Mas'har develope..
Mercury Retrogrades from Cancer into Gemini
Rather than focusing on events that could happen to you, I would like to explain what is actually taking place in consciousness during a retrograde period, so that you can understand what process is i..
Hidden Faces of the Asteroid Goddesses
The first four asteroids discovered –Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta and Juno–represent the archetypal Feminine exclusively, as the Moon and Venus do, but represent it in distinctly contemporary ways...
The Astrology of Sect
An important concept in the Hellenistic astrological tradition is the distinction between day and night charts, which is associated with a technical concept known as..
Astrological Concepts in Disney's Artwork
The most important -but as yet unnoticed- esoteric aspect of Disney's visual art is the astrological. His work's content often seems to draw from the astrological tradition, either purposefully -and b..
Progressed Uranus Changing Signs
Recently, Uranus changed signs in my progressed chart. This rarely happens in a person's lifespan. Unless you're born with Uranus direct at the very late degrees of a sign, or Rx at the very early deg..
Why Do Zodiac Signs Hate Their Neighbors?
Have you ever noticed that your sign doesn't really get along with the two signs next to it? In fact, they may seem to be about as opposite as possible. This may seem like an odd way to have the zod..
House Systems used in Astrology
There are many different House systems in Astrology. The following is a description of many of them - Koch houses, Porphyry houses, Placidus, houses, Morinus houses, Regiomontanus houses, Campanus hou..