How Astrology Can Be Helpful
One of the questions I am often asked by clients and students alike is..
In recent decades the age-old "science" of astrology (considered "superstition" by many), has experienced a rebirth. Books on astrology can now be found that have been written by psychologists who see..
The Progressed Lunation Cycle
Every month an invisible New Moon signals we can make a fresh start and, as the cycle progresses and the Moon waxes, we can learn, grow and invest. At the second half of the cycle, after the Full Moon..
The Part of Fortune
To fully exploit the chart from the point of view of the Medieval Astrologer, each Arabic Part now becomes a New Ascendant, and we are taking each indicator as a reason for a whole new orientation..
Internet and Astrology
There are two dates and times in the history of the internet that represent true milestones and could represent what every astrologer needs in order to practice his craft: the natal chart of the inter..
The Astrology of Menopause
Between the ages of 42 and 59 there is a revolution in women's lives that doctor's call menopause. Astrologers have three names for it: the Uranus Opposition around the age of 42, the Chiron Return at..
This is a small contribution to the application of philosophy to astrology not only to show how philosophy can illuminate astrology, but also to show how it may have in fact been applied in the past...
The Out of Bounds Moon
When the Moon's declination exceeds 23°28' North or 23°28' South, it has escaped the physical space dominated by the gravitational..
Five Tips for Interpreting the Saturn Return
The purpose of this article is to provide some tips for how to interpret the Saturn return, in order to find out what it means in your life by looking at it within the context of your birth chart...
Conjunctions With the Sun (Under the Sun's Beams, Combustion, Cazimi)
The story about the conjunctions with the Sun is as old as astrology itself. However, cazimi (..
Cardano on fixed stars in De iudiciis geniturarum
Stars at the border of Sagittarius, the three ones of third magnitude near or over the arrow, have a great influence in producing murderers. If they are well disposed they make heroes, men of war, tri..