Octatopos (Eight Houses Horoscope)
The development of horoscopic, mathematical astrology is of a relatively late historical date. Up until the end of pre-Christian era mathematics and astronomy were relatively undeveloped so the method..
Between Science and Superstition
"While dreadful comets glaring from afar, Forewarn'd the horrors of the Theban war" Homer wrote these lines in the 8th century BC. This is probably the first time in written history that somebody..
The planet Sedna was discovered in 2003, but not announced until a year later due to the need to confirm its existence for sure. Sedna's discovery has only been possible because right now it's at it p..
Planetary Aspects and Terrestrial Earthquakes
Astrologers since ancient times have always asserted that the planets influence earthquakes. The timing of earthquakes has largely been determined by examining the timing of planetary aspects. That is..
Eclipses of 2014 and 2015
There will be 4 successive total lunar eclipses in 2014 and 2015. It is very unusual to have 4 total lunar eclipses and a total solar eclipse in a 2 year span of time...
The Exaltation of the Planets by Dane Rudhyar
The concept of "Natural affinity" is not to be taken too literally. It is a very vague concept indeed, unless it is definitely related to the fact that there is a parallelism of sequence between the s..
The Aspects of the Square and the Opposition Seen as Negative Needs to be rethought
Opposition aspect means that the individual's inner higher self was having a lively conversation or argument, with the lower mundane self. Ths is compared to the essence of Saturn in disciplining our..
Girolamo Cardano writes about Jesus' horoscope
In his effort to forget Arab magic and astrology and collections of aphorisms and in order to give more evidence to genethliac astrology, Cardano puts his reading of Jesus birthchart in his Comment to..
Local Space Techniques
Horizon System uses a geographical location and a moment in time, but instead of using a celestial parameter to plot the planets it uses the horizon, a purely terrestrial thing. The local space techni..
China under Uranus square Pluto Part I. Mainland China
While the world worries about US, Russia and Ukraine there are still lots of other conflicts in the World: Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and even China. Yes, while the Chinese President visits..
After Symbolism
Symbolism has been both the saviour and achilles heel of astrology. By enabling it to seem valid to its adherents, it has ensured its continued existence and development. Its nature, however, limits t..