Garlic - the embodiment of a Martian Herb
Of the rulership of garlic Culpeper says simply: "Mars owns this Herb". The Martial rulership of the herb most directly comes from the shape of the bulb and long tubular pointed leaves being directly..
Freedom and Consciousness
Robert Hand argues that having planet-sign combinations traditionally known to be in their detriment or fall may not simply be bad, but have their own gifts as well...
The 2014 Mars Disability
The slow-moving planets in the middle degrees of Cardinal signs will be activated by Mars' travels..
Spiritual Synastry
The reason that sometimes Synastry techniques do not help us when we look at a romantic relationship is because we look at it as something with no purpose and with no specific meaning. We believe that..
The Solar Eclipse on April 29 is at 8º Taurus and falls on Hamal in the forehead of Aries the ram. Eclipses are always important, but solar ones can blot out the Sun during the day which freaked out..
New Solar Research Supports Astrology
Arguments skeptical scientists have relied upon to discredit astrology are less credible now than they once appeared to be. Astrology's critics would have you believe that modern concepts of astronomy..
Where is Russia Headed?
At the time of the Ingress, Jupiter and Pluto were rising and setting near Washington, and on the MC and IC near Kiev, and Uranus was setting over Moscow. In summary, Robert Hand wrote:..
Saturn in Scorpio (and echoes of a plague)...
The celestial vault looks like a "roulette". The planets move orderly in it and every now and then they pass into a new "segment" (call me sign) ever creating new and different planetary combinations...
There is significant planetary activity in addition to the eclipses. There are 2 eclipses, and an exact Uranus-Pluto square that becomes a t-square when Jupiter is at 13 Cancer. The t-square falls on..
Marriage indicators in synastry
Determining marriage from a synastry chart can be challenging. Sometimes, “obvious” marriage indicators (i.e. planets in each other’s 7th house) fail to predict a couple’s future. After studyi..
Putin's grand square and 14th degree of Cardinal signs
Vladimir Putin has his Sun at one of the points of the crossing, in 13.9 Libra. He is part of the 'game'. The 14th degree of cardinal signs includes the 14th of Libra, a degree affected by the transit..
It's no accident that one constellation is always coming when the other is going, as this story explains: Orion was a mortal, a mighty hunter and warrior with no equal among his fellow humans. He was..