The Ukraine in Crisis
As above, so below. It’s the guiding dictum of astrology — what’s going on up there in the heavens has a reflection and reference down here on planet Earth. But to what, exactly, does this apply..
2014 and beyond
An astrological analysis world change over the next 3 years and beyond by Louis Acker. As of January 2014, we are approximately half way through the 5 year Uranus in Ares square Pluto in Capricorn tra..
The Sun and Moon in Families
Astrology is not gender-biased. The planets are not discrete energies making us do things, nor do they have sexual gender as we understand it to mean males and females. Masculine and feminine do not n..
The Uranus-Pluto Square of April 2014
The astrological community is abuzz with musings about the ominous portent of the Uranus-Pluto square in April of 2014, especially because it occurs in the context of a Grand Cross involving Mars and..
First Meeting Chart
The chart of the first meeting is very significant. I believe that a relationship is imprinted with the energies of a first meeting chart. The first meeting chart is an enlightening tool for relation..
The Roles of Pallas Athene and Mercury in the Cardinal Grand Cross
April 21, 2014 will be the fifth of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto during the current decade. Because Mars and Jupiter are joining the action and creating a “cardinal grand cross,” a lot o..
The Transits of Tragedies
Many violent deaths involving a male in a woman's life have been indicated by Mars and Pluto natally or in transit. It is no understatement to say that Mars-Saturn-Pluto contacts are particularly heav..
Cycles of Saturn
Saturn is one of the most significant indicators of the cyclic activity of the life-process; that is, of turning points in the gradual unfoldment of destiny and character. This is so because it is ess..
The horoscope of United States and the Grand Cross of April
Most of us are concerned these days with the Grand Cross of April. Although for many countries, like Greece, the Grand Cross is not necessarily going to bring any catastrophies, for the United States..
The Difference Between Your Natal Moon and Venus in Relationships
The natal Moon and Venus are often confused, regarding what they signify in love. It’s easy to see why; they both represent female energy and the “softer” side of partnerships. But they do repre..
Charles Jayne developed the rule that a solar eclipse conjunct the Sun lifts one up and strengthens the will. An eclipse opposite the Sun knocks one down. The autumn solar eclipse was 180 degrees to t..
The Role of Astrology in a Civilization in Crisis
In a world undergoing such fundamental and rapid transformation on all fronts, what role can be played by the newly thriving yet still marginalized practice of astrology..