Astro-Mapping to Change Your Life
Why do some people seem to be born into their natural habitats, while others have to seek them out somewhere else? Why do we feel instantly at home in a place, while in others we just can't seem to ge..
Cardinal Grand Cross 2014
So Mars retrograde now comes back to form the Grand Cross. Again. The bad news is that you could well run into a situation similar to one that confounded you back in January...
Astrology is the science of astronomy applied to human and other earthly affairs based on the positions of the planets. It is no more of an exact science, nor is it less of an exact science than psyc..
UKRAINE, Russia, Cardinal Cross crisis Astrology
Russia moves to seize the Crimea as Putin declares war on Ukraine March 2 as Saturn turns Retrograde. President Obama spent 90 minutes speaking with Putin on March 1st New Moon when Mars went RETROGRA..
Astrology and Divorce: Patterns that May Indicate a Break-up is Coming
While there's no way an astrologer can tell you for sure whether you and your sweetie will manage to get through your troubles together, there are definite signs that can forecast relationship problem..
The Revolution Will Not Only Be Televised, But It Must Be In The Aquarian Age
I think it's important to note, that we might be on the precipice of WWIII, either by circumstance or design, it doesn't really matter. The Russians are threatening a massive sell off of Treasury Bond..
Natal is not horary
I highly recommend that every person interested in traditional astrology should first learn horary astrology. Without it there are so many assumptions from modern astrology that the student will never..
Mars in Libra
As we've heard Mars planet of action, drive and desire, enters Libra sign of balance, diplomacy and peace which are not Mars' best attributes. Libra is Venus' territory so Mars here had better watch..
Deep Background - Major Shifts for Minor Planets
During the week following today's vernal equinox, nine minor planets will change sign or direction, implying major shifts deep in the background of your life and the world. So many shifts in a short p..
How Family Patterns Are Repeated in the Charts of Significant Partners
If you look at your natal chart and compare it to the charts of your immediate family (parents, siblings, etc) you will see patterns. Maybe one or two signs emphasized for everyone, or aspects between..
The Crisis Point And The Astrological Turning Of Our Times
We have reached a crisis point with the astrological turning of our times: it is the Time of the Outer Planets. We live in a time of great struggle, challenge and change. Whether or not we want it or..
Who is Aries
Who is Aries. A nice description of persons born under the Aries sign...