Where is Malaysia Flt 370? What astrology shows
Great article about the takeoff chart of the Malaysia Flt 370 that is missing for a third day already. The chart is remarkable indeed! With a Neptune on IC, this plane must be deep somewhere in the we..
Let's Take a Look at the Moon
Every planetary body has a function and a purpose and simultaneously, each has its limitations and challenges. Part of our growth is to learn what these are and how to work with them in a more conscio..
Body and Soul: The Difference
Robert Hand explains the medieval view of the concepts of body and soul, looks at how it differs from today\'s thought and explores the possibility of modern astrology learning something from this anc..
Masha'allah's Method in Short
In this article we will investigate the method handed down to us by Mâshâ’allâh with regards to horary judgment. As all of the later astrologers – famous or not – more or less follow his inst..
We all know the classic affinities that exist in the zodiac (Elements, Modalities, Polarities). The fact is that even more such affinities exist! The signs, for example, form among them six “Pai..
Study Connects Divorce Rate with Planetary Patterns
Traditionally, in synastry comparisons, some angular relationships or “aspects” are presumed to be more powerful than others. This especially applies to the conjunction, which in a synastr..
Saturn in Scorpio goes Retrograde - March 2nd, 2014
Saturn in Scorpio shifts into retrograde phase which begins March 2nd, 2014. It signifies a time of deep introspection, investigation and examination of the inner realms. Secrets, hidden agendas, su..
The Ukraine and Uranus-Pluto
Aries Ingress chart for 2014 (in 3 weeks time) set for Kiev has Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter on the Angles. The October Libra Ingress (after which the current troubles began) had Neptune and Pluto on the..
A Promise Fulfilled: When Transits Echo Natal Aspects
Throughout our lives, transits to a natal aspect represent windows of time when we are challenged to make changes in how we are using that aspect. Never is that more true than during the periods when..
2014 Horoscope The Year of the Grand Cardinal Cross
As we reach the peak on April 22nd 2014 we will have a rare Grand Cross formation that will be exactly in the 13 degree for the planets Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars. All these competing energies w..
Gilbert Navarro's rules of Horary
Ask a question of a Horary astrologer, and they will draw up a chart for the time and date that the astrologer heard the question and rephrased it so that they could formulate the question. Here are s..
Saturn and Pluto: The Human Shadow
Saturn and Pluto are planets that have a lot do to with our shadow material, and their placements in our natal chart reveal a lot about what we keep repressed, hidden, inhibited and bottled up...