Out Of Bounds
Imagine all the planets and friends are tramping along a wide track, however, every now and then one of the planets wanders off, bushwhacking her way through the bluebells, making her own path...
The Sepp Blatter Horoscope, Money, and Dishonesty
Sepp Blatter's horoscope is excellent for money, as one would expect. The ruler of the second house of money is angular (though peregrine!) and in favorable aspect to both benefics, which is marvelous..
Mark Hamilton and the Truth Behind Astrology
The most curious finding was the tie between wetness of sign and schizotypy, suggesting that people born in January and February are more fanciful thinkers and more creative yet prone to maladjusted t..
The Horror-Scope of Algol
In 1996 the bright comet Hyakutake passed very close to the Earth, nearer than any comet for centuries, and crossed over Algol on April 11th. Then, only a year later, another bright comet appeared, Ha..
Neptune in Astrology Charts: Sacrificing Hard
In an astrology chart, there is one planet above all that tends to fog things up in such a way that it can be difficult to distinguish reality from fiction. What planet is that? Neptune. What is its t..
An Encounter With a Skeptic
If astrology is so effective, why aren't astrologers richer? Why do astrologers use the birth moment rather than the moment of conception? While most of these questions seem laughable to anyone who ha..
Astrogeographic positions of the largest cities in 100 CE
Not one of the cities from the list above lies in earth sign Taurus the sign of market places, food, wealth and possession of land. Taurus appears not to have been a locational factor that supported t..
Neptune in Pisces Timeline
The following is a timeline of dates and notable events under the transit of Neptune in the sign Pisces...
Rethinking Mercury Retrograde
Instead of fearing Mercury retrograde, a better idea is to look at these periods as a time when valuable new perspectives can be garnered. During the retrograde period we can access information and in..
The Astronomy and Astrology of Ixion - The Tyrant
IIxion, in Greek mythology, was a descendent of (the firey god) Ares and was king of the Lapiths (a race) in Thessaly (late 14th Century B.C. )...
The Astrology of the Change-over Years 2013 through 2027
By the time Pluto enters Aquarius and Neptune enters Ares in 2024 and 2025 these systems will no longer exist in the way we know them today, and a new type of civilization can begin to take hold in wh..
Waco, Texas: 3-way Gang Warfare Leaves Many Dead
The Eastern dominance with Jupiter conjunct the Leo Ascendant and squaring the Midheaven tells so much of the story, especially when we focus on the fourth quadrant..