Ukraine on Fire
The Nodal axis will soon hook into o Venus, the SN by trine=old issues of money and old relationships may end up sending them back toward Russia’s influence...
Jupiter Square Uranus (February 25-26, 2014)
Jupiter rules the Principles, Truths and Beliefs that give and form the meanings of your life journey, that form the steady guide for your self-unfoldment and purposeful growth. Jupiter is offering th..
Gardening by the Moon: Tradition Vs Science
In recent decades experiments have shown that the metabolism of plants, indicated by such things as their water absorption or oxygen metabolism, responds considerably to the monthly lunar cycle...
Nodal Shift – Libra – Aries
On Feb 18 2014 UT, the Nodes of the Moon (the true node) shift from the Scorpio/Taurus polarity to that of Libra and Aries. The mean node will shift on March 23rd. Whatever we’ve been stuck into of..
Mars Retrograde 2014
Mars stations retrograde on March 1 2014. Mars will traverse slowly backwards from 27º to 9º Libra. Like all retrogrades this period gives us a chance to look at things from a right-brain perspectiv..
Spiritual Synastry
The reason that sometimes Synastry techniques do not help us when we look at a romantic relationship is because we look at it as something with no purpose and with no specific meaning. We believe that..
The New Solar System
The new solar system is real; it is meaningful; and it is not going to go away. In 1992 the system blew wide open. The first “Kuiper Belt Object” was found: a planet-like body orbiting beyond Plut..
Pluto square natal Mars in Mundane Astrology
This article investigates effects of transiting Pluto squaring natal Mars in mundane charts, from a historic perspective. Based on this experience, I will present at the end of this article some possi..
Firdar, Alfridaria, or Alfridaries
These are a system of planetary periods which appear to be of Persian origin. They are first described as far as we know by Abu Mashar in various works and have their origin in a system of mundane cyc..
Are "Bad" Aspects Necessarily So?
In this engaging article Rudhyar transcends the traditional classification of "good" and "bad" aspects, explaining that the first group refers to the type of relationships which are normally oriented..
Medical Astrology and Astrological Medicine
Astrology as applied to medicine has very ancient roots, for example in India, China and Egypt, but it reached its fullest flowering in Europe in the late medieval and early modern periods, c1450-1700..
Soul Astrology Down to Earth
What is the purpose of my life? What has my soul come here to seek? Where should I focus my energy? ---These are just a few questions many of us ponder about life. Can astrology provide insights and a..