The human civilization along the zodiacal ages
A very interesting astrophilosophical article about the progress of human civilization through the Zodiac Signs...
A very interesting and scientific astrological research into earthquakes and volcanoes...
Edward Snowden's horoscope
An interesting analyzis of Edward Snowden's horoscope...
The astrogeographic constellation of the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi
Astrogeographic view to Sochi Olympic games. Or is it astrocartography?..
Venus/Mars and the Sun/Moon in Queer Astrology
How do natal Venus and Mars work when sexuality does not fit the boy-meets-girl mold? And while we’re at it, how about the natal Sun and Moon?..
Mercury Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde is not a crisis. It is merely an inconvenience, albeit one that occurs three (and sometimes four) times a year. Moreover, while its retrograde (Rx) period lasts for about three week..
Tips for Successfully Navigating Your Saturn Return
What is the “Saturn Return,” and what this means for the next few years of your life. Here is a guide of the top ten things that you should do in order to successfully get through your Saturn retu..
Amanda Knox & the Italian Court Ruling
Julie Demboski analyzes the case of Amanda Knox and the Italian court through the astrological prism....
Jupiter opposite Pluto
Jupiter opposite Pluto happens twice in 2014 and each time it is part of an important aspect pattern. The 1st opposition is on January 31, on the same day as Venus stations direct and while Venus is c..
Sun-Moon Midpoint
The Sun Moon Midpoint in astrology, and more specifically in the natal chart, is a highly sensitive and personal point. It is a mathematical point--the point midway (or exactly halfway) between the S..
Unique Study Links Venus to Romantic Choices People Make
Astrologer Paul Westran has a tested astrological theory about relationships. In a rigorous, eight year study involving 1,300 couples, he examined the correlations between planetary alignments and rea..
Iatromathematical Decumbitures (The Early Rules Concerning Medical Horary Question)
Unlike decumbitures (medical horary charts) which were chiefly promoted by the English astrologers of the 17th century like Nicholas Culpeper, Richard Saunders and William Lilly, Dorotheus’s iatroma..