Astronomy and astrology in the age of scientific revolution
A model quite common in historiography connects the birth of modern astronomy (what is now called the Copernican Revolution) and the crisis of astrology. This assumption was already implied since the..
Rensberger's Profections
Nicolaus Rensberger dedicates the whole of Book four of his Astronomia Teutsch to directions and profections. Unlike William Lilly he does not seem to use monthly or diurnal profections, but concentra..
The definition of peregrine
Some modern astrological works describe a peregrine planet as one which lacks any kind of essential dignity or debility, and so imply that peregrine status acts as a kind of neutral state, being the d..
The Real Estate cycle
The price of real estate tends to move in an 18-to-20-year cycle. From one top to the next bottom, as from one bottom to the next top, about 9 or 10 years usually elapses. The Moon’s Nodes move back..