Asteroid Atropos
Atropos is the cutter of the cord of life and her Roman equivalent is Morta, Italian for death. Her position in the birth chart shows how and where we bring our fate to it's inevitable conclusion and..
The Astrology of Murder - Boris Nemtsov
Transiting Pluto, the planet of death and transformation sit on Nemtsov's natal moon. This configuration is in challenge aspect to Nemtsov's sun. But Pluto is a long transit, and doesn't necessarily b..
Uranus Pluto and the Black Moon Lillith
Black Moon Lilith has a close connection with the underworld, it is not only Pluto's domain. She is comfortable there and had exiled herself to that realm over 5000 years ago. This was a time to emer..
Financial Astrology In The 20Th Century
Much has been published about financial markets and astrology over the last 100 years so this article has to be selective. It draws attention to some of the highlights of that work but is in no way an..
The Astrology of Growing Corruption in American Government
Pluto is challenging America's Jupiter. Put simply, our elites are being challenged by a terrorist war. A part of this war will be fought with weapons of mass destruction..
Neptune in Pisces
Neptune continues its journey through Pisces, another symbolic key enhancing the shift in human consciousness slowly unfolding on our planet. Neptune has strong associations with the sign Pisces: bo..
Psychopath Astrology
Adolf Hitler's chart has a tight psychotic triangle of Uranus trine Lilith square Eris. This Mean Lilith is on the screaming Warrior Queen Bellatrix square another Dark Goddess Warrior Eris..
The Astronomy and Astrology of the Solar Hero Myth
To the ancient cultures, the pantheon of the gods resided in the sky. Their myths were originally inseparable from their astronomical observation. Could a myth match an important astronomical truth, i..
The Recession of 2015? | Aquarian Age Economics
Every five months, a new nano-age decan appears which is the smallest period derived from an astrological age that I have been able to detect to date. With every third nano-age decan a new nano age co..
The Immortal Horoscope - Astrodienst
It is fascinating to discover how often, long after someone has died, that transits to their chart can bring them back into the spotlight for one reason or another...
Are Scientists Wrong About Astrology?
Is astrology a science? Hardcore skeptics say no, and many mainstream astrologers aren't sure it matters; astrology is what it is and should not be constrained by materialist assumptions about the way..
Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius
Mercury retrograde is an inner alteration that comes to us three times a year, and our first of 2015 that begins on January 21, 2015 in Aquarius initiates a year of Mercury retrograde phases in each o..