Does a Lunar Cycle Affect Market Averages?
The purpose of this paper is to derive a cycle relating the lunar cycle to an equity average. This cycle will then be evaluated for its profitability versus a buy-and-hold strategy. The results may be..
Cycles are how the cosmos displays its order to us. The Sun and the stars move around us with breathtaking regularity; spring begins anew each year; and the Moon moves through its phases in predictabl..
Astrology of Change of Monarchy in Saudi Arabia and King Salman 2015
The chart below, is based on the moment of the announcement of the death, of the King of Saudi Arabia at 1am local time today...
Measuring History
The Uranus-Pluto squares of the 1870s and the 2010s appear at the same relative position, 90°, literally the opposite of 270°. (closing square) The distinction is important. An opening (90°) appear..
People born during Solar Activity live 5 years less
The researchers examined the lives of 8,600 people born in between the years of 1676 to 1878 and they noticed this reoccurring trend. They then established that higher Sun rays affected the amino acid..
Medical Astrology
Each zodiac sign has a corresponding cell salt that is deficient under that sign. When you learn about your particular cell salt, you will be well on your way to optimum health!..
Astrological Study On Gold Prices Hits the Mother Lode
Attempting to identify an astrological predictor or signature for long-term gold prices wasn't feasible. Instead, data collected for the 31½- year period was divided into 126 three-month segments wit..
Our entire history has been steeped in Astrology from as far back as we can go in written language. The studies have been couched in symbolism over the years so that it could be practiced in safety ou..
The Euro, the ECB and Mercury go retrograde
On the 22nd of January 2015 the ECB is expected to announce QE The same day, Mercury starts a new 3 weeks retrograde journey through the Zodiac...
Horary Astrology of Illness
Below are some of my paraphrased and reorganized gleanings of horary texts for determining how long an illness might last; may these prove useful to you (though I hope you have few occasions to use th..
The Transiting Nodes: Ghost of a Dog
Ketu is to Rahu what the Dalai Lama is to Donald Trump: Rahu thrives on material gain and worldly power while Ketu's coin is the spiritual realm. Rahu acquires real estate, gets promotions and makes t..
Asteroid Astrology stories from real life
Here are a great examples on what asteroids do in our charts so check back often to see what is new in the asteroid news!..