The Twelve Houses in Renaissance Astrology
There is nothing appertaining to the life of man in this world, which in one way or other hath not relation to one of the twelve Houses of Heaven, and as the twelve signs are appropriate to the partic..
The Eclipsed Cardinal Cross
In April 2014, there will be a cosmic crescendo reaching new heights the intensity of which will not go unnoticed. Four planets are forming in what is called a Grand Cardinal Cross, all at hard 90 deg..
Holographic Astrology
Astrology is a nonlinear system of thought, perhaps the oldest and most enduring example of nonlinear thought in western culture. In effect, it is a nonlinear model of time...
Rebirthing the Matrix
Sun was recently conjunct our Galactic Center, as it does every year as we approach the regenerative nature of the Capricorn Solstice that heralds Winter in the northern hemisphere, Summer in the sou..
Renaissance Astrology: Is Traditional Astrology Just Cold Reading?
Cold reading is a method where the reader uses statements that appear to be specific to the individual being read, but are actually generally applicable. It actually takes a good deal of skill to do w..
Pluto is a king himself, Lord of the Underworld. He is not the devil of Christianity but he shows us who the devils are...
Astrology is a foreign language because it operates in way far removed from anything else in our experience. It involves causes which are unlike any causes we are familiar with...
Chiron, the Mature Spiritual Warrior
Chiron, a supposed visitor to our solar system, is rather unique. It has an ice tail like a comet, its small (400 kilometres across), but is not an asteroid. It's not a planet either...
The Astrology of America's Destiny
A nation is born when it officially proclaims its ability to respond to its international and planetary environment as an organized whole with a character and purpose defining, or at least suggesting,..
Uranus Square Pluto ~ Dominators & Thunderbolts
Uranus square Pluto started its series of seven squares back in June 2012. By now we have a good idea of its energy and it is certainly making itself felt. It does feel like a paradigm shift is happen..
Rectifying Science and Astrology
Last week I described the efforts to make astrology capable of being examined by science. This week we look at a major problem with that whole effort...
The Planets Within - Toward a Shamanic Astrology
Many readers will be familiar with the Hermetic dictum,..