Astrology for March 27-April 3, 2023: Careful What You Reach For

27 Mar 2023, 04:10 am

Careful What You Reach For

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A Magic Carpet

Mercury and Jupiter are opposites in many ways. Mercury delights in small details, while Jupiter’s purview is the big picture. When Jupiter comes up with a big idea, it’s Mercury that breaks it down into bite-sized pieces and actionable steps. And conversely, when Mercury is so preoccupied with the trees that it doesn’t even remember that the forest exists, Jupiter pulls out its wide-angle lens to remind us what all the minutiae adds up to.

This week, Mercury and Jupiter come together in a conjunction (March 27, 2023, 11:50 pm PDT at 18º13’ Aries) on the Sabian symbol 19 Aries: A magic carpet. Look out the window of a plane as it begins its descent, and from an imaginative, magic carpet perspective, tidy fields look like squares on a granny quilt and cars on a crowded freeway resemble a child’s toys in stop-motion animation.

If we look at small things from a wider perspective, they create a kind of pointillistic landscape in which tiny dots of paint create a unified image. But it’s an image that relies on the individual pieces in order to exist at all.

Careful What You Reach For

The First Quarter phase of the lunar cycle asks us to take action on what we envisioned at the New Moon – in this case, the March 21 New Moon at 0º49’ Aries. No landscape is as fresh or as alien as the first degree of the zodiac’s first sign. Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole or Dorothy landing in Oz, this equinox New Moon symbolized the beginning of a new and daunting journey.

At the First Quarter phase, we have begun to find our bearings, figured out where the food and lodging are, and acquired a few tools and some of the local language – and now it’s time to venture out and claim some territory for ourselves. The Sabian symbol for this week’s Cancer First Quarter Moon (March 28, 2023, 7:32 pm PDT, 8º08’ Cancer) is 9 Cancer: A small naked girl bends over a pond trying to catch a fish. There’s a playful, unselfconscious spirit to this symbol that suits a First Quarter Moon perfectly; success at this lunar phase lies in taking instinctive action toward our goal.

However, this First Quarter Moon is also conjoined Mars, and this crab comes with some pretty sharp pincers. We’ll certainly hold on tight to any fish we happen to catch. But like the little girl in the Sabian symbol, we have to be a little careful what we reach for, because it might have some sharp and pointy bits.

The Strategy

Like all of us, I have some planetary aspects in my chart that I don’t love, and some that I do. The trine between Mars and Saturn in my chart definitely falls into the latter category. I’m not the best or brightest at everything I do, but I know how to formulate a strategy and will stop at nothing to see it through.

As Mars trines Saturn (March 30, 2023, 12:03 pm PDT) in the soulful signs of Cancer and Pisces, it’s a combination of perseverance, raw intuition, and imagination that will somehow get us to our goal. Mars is on the Sabian symbol 3 Cancer: A man in fur leading a shaggy deer – never forget that quiet Cancer is a cardinal sign and a leader. Much as the little girl in the Cancer First Quarter Moon Sabian symbol, the man in fur points out that it’s our wildish instincts that will point the way toward eventual success. We need only choose a direction and let our well-tuned, intuition GPS do the rest.


Checking my answering machine messages one day in the summer of 1991, I heard a voice that made me feel as though I’d been hit by a bolt of lightning. When we met in person months later, there were no thunderbolts; but we became great friends, and seventeen months later, dear reader, I married him.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or maybe at first voicemail? When Venus, the planet of love, comes together with Uranus, the planet of sudden inspiration (March 30, 2023, 3:25 pm PDT), it’s a possibility. Love seems to come from nowhere – and sometimes, to leave just as quickly.

Now, this may literally prove to be the case for you, or it might not. But pay attention this week to offers, introductions, and thrilling bolts from the blue, particularly those involving new people or financial opportunities coming on the scene. They won’t all be winners, but Venus – strong in her own sign, Taurus – coming together with unpredictable Uranus always has the chance of bringing something interesting and unexpected our way.

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