Cancer Full Moon: What Really Matters

17 Jan 2022, 02:54 pm

Welcome to the Cancer Full Moon, the time when the spotlight is on home and family, roots and foundation. As the first water sign, Cancer is our primal instincts as well as our need for care and nurture. The full moon is exact on January 17, 2022 at 6:49 pm EST, 27 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. That’s 3:49 pm Los Angeles, 11:49 pm London, 1:47 am Johannesburg on January 18, 10:47 am Sydney, and 12:47 pm Auckland.

Full moons demand our attention. Something is in full view. There’s a sense of urgency. Emotions run high. We have to make a decision.

When the full moon’s in Cancer, we’re seeing things through its fundamental energies. Cancer connects us back home, back to what really matters. It’s that sense of safety and security that comes with knowing where we belong and that we can thrive where we are.

And so this is a time for us to proverbially and perhaps even literally return home. As the counter to the hard edges and structure of Capricorn Season, a Cancer Full Moon is a reminder that whatever we’re building and working towards in life better have heart; it better feed us. Otherwise we can buckle under the heavy weight of Capricorn’s duties and responsibilities.

Where do you feel overwhelmed? Where there’s too much work? Where you’re burned out? Or not getting your needs met? The full moon is a time to rectify and reconcile this critical deficiency — critical because we live in a time of increased strain.

Use the full moon to fill your cup, so to speak. To make time for family or those who are like family. Reach for someone who can hold you, make you feel safe, taken care of. If there isn’t someone who can do that for you, do that for yourself.

That said, when we look at the chart of the Cancer Full Moon we see that the Moon makes an opposition to Pluto. We may be feeling a lot of complicated emotions as something from the deep comes to the surface. Maybe it’s a repressed infantile rage or the memory of the times when we didn’t have our needs met, when we weren’t held, or we weren’t safe.

Pluto makes us confront something, even if it’s our own darkness within. It holds a mirror to us. It reveals emotions and feelings that we’ve denied and projected onto others. And it does this so that we may release any emotional or psychic blocks.

This full moon is also a reminder that Pluto is starting to come to the end of its time in Capricorn, a sign it’s been in since 2008 and one where we’ve had to tear down old structures both external and internal. The work continues and with that in mind, something may have to be torn down with the energies of the full moon.

We have the support of a trine from Neptune in Pisces, an invitation to let something go from the past, to heal, find compassion, and to forgive. Be present with what you’re feeling. And don’t forget to make time for the things that really matter.

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