Episode 171 | Cancer First Quarter Moon: Quieter Skies!

27 Mar 2023, 04:00 am

Thank your lucky stars for quieter skies after last week’s epic planetary shifts! Join Mercury and Jupiter on a magic carpet ride of imagination and elevated ideas! Thrill to Venus’ rendezvous with exciting Uranus! Follow your hunches and get stuff done, as Mars makes a productive trine to Saturn! Reach out for new opportunities with help from a Marsy, playful First Quarter Moon in Cancer! And take a peek at transiting Pluto’s aspects to planets in the birth chart! Plus: A shaggy deer, sharp and pointy bits, and a process, not an event.

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[1:09] Mercury conjoins Jupiter on March 27 (11:50 PM PDT) at 18°13’ Aries. The Sabian symbol for 19 Aries is, “The magic carpet.” This is a day to brainstorm and use your imagination to solve problems and to elevate ideas.

[2:35] Moon Report! First up, a First Quarter Moon at 08°08’ Cancer on March 28th (7:32 PM PDT).  This is the First Quarter Phase of the March 21st New Moon at 00°49’ Aries. It’s also the First Quarter in a Lunar Phase Family that began at the June 28th, 2022 New Moon. The Sabian symbol for this First Quarter Moon is 9 Cancer, “A small naked girl bends over a pond trying to catch a fish,” encourages a playful spirit to take some kind of action toward a goal.

[4:02] This First Quarter Moon is in a conjunction with Mars. Be mindful of the actions you take because you could get “bit” by something sharp and pointy!

[4:23] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods. On March 27th, the Moon in Gemini makes a square to Neptune (6:39 PM PDT), then it’s VOC for about 6 3/4 hours before it enters Cancer on March 28th (3:22 AM PDT). Sleep may be difficult, but this is a juicy VOC period to journal about your dreams.

[5:20] On March 30th, the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune (6:45 AM PDT). It’s VOC for about 8 3/4 hours before it enters Leo (3:31 PM PDT).  Be gentle.  Bring imagination and feeling to everything you do.

[5:58] The Moon in Leeeeeeooooo trines Mercury (11:05 PM PDT) on April 1st and it will be VOC for about five hours before entering Virgo on April 2nd (3:57 AM PDT).  The imagination of the recent Moon in Cancer VOC period is now ready to be expressed through some creative project. Let your light shine like the star that you are.

[6:46] On March 30th (12:03 PM PDT), Mars trines Saturn at 02°36’ Cancer and Pisces. This is a prime aspect for accomplishing projects.  Follow your hunches when making decisions.

[7:42] Mars is on the Sabian symbol, 3 Cancer, “A man in fur leading a shaggy deer.”  Since Mars is in family-oriented Cancer, this could represent a positive turning point in family relationships.

[8:36] A few hours later on March 30th (3:25 PM PDT), Venus makes a conjunction with Uranus at 16°44’ Taurus. This Venus/Uranus conjunction, coupled with the Mars/Saturn trine, signals an important day for relationships and finances. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit.

[10:37] Pluto in Aspect to Natal Planets mini-lesson. Due to the slow speed of Pluto and retrogrades, you can expect Pluto to take about a year to complete an aspect to a planet in your birth chart.

[12:50] Pluto aspecting the Sun.  Become a truer version of yourself so that you can contribute more.

[13:38] Pluto aspecting the Moon. Develop a sense of self-sufficiency. Remodel your home. Prominence in the public eye is also possible.

[14:30] Pluto aspecting Mercury. Idle hands are the devil’s playground, so keep busy and learn useful things!

[15:28] Pluto aspecting Venus. Profound changes in relationships and finances.

[16:00] Pluto aspecting Mars. Learn to be in control of your passions and emotions.

[16:45] Pluto aspecting Jupiter. Be wise about handling wealth, power and good fortune.

[17:27] Pluto aspecting Saturn. You can’t give your power away to anybody else and expect your life to look the way you want it to look.

[18:38] Pluto aspecting Uranus. Take your best talents and use them in the service of something bigger than yourself.

[20:11] Pluto aspecting Neptune. Is it really your dream or is it a dream that somebody gave to you?

[21:18] Pluto aspecting Pluto. Major milestones in a lifelong Pluto journey. Expect to develop greater authenticity and accept the limits of your control.

[22:23] Pluto aspecting the Lunar Nodes. Don’t grasp for something out of fear or because the rest of the world tells you it’s something that you should want.

[23:00] Pluto aspecting the Ascendant in your chart. Help in projecting a truer and more honest version of yourself through your personality. Relocation is possible.

[24:24] Pluto aspecting the MC. Destiny calls in the realm of career and reputation.

[24:57] Pluto aspecting Chiron. Clear out the muck and let the healing commence.

[26:19] Would you like to learn more about how Pluto transits can affect you on a more personal level?  Check out Stephen Forrest’s Sky Log Report, April’s Astrological Transits or better yet, book a session with April!

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