Weekly Astrology Forecast – March 27 – April 2, 2023

26 Mar 2023, 05:20 pm

After all the enormous shifts that have happened over the past few weeks, we arrive at a technically quieter period in the cosmos, although we do still have an enormous amount of Aries energy in play. Mercury makes his way through the Ram, chatting to Jupiter, Vesta and Eris as he goes. The First Quarter Moon is tense as it sets the emotional, family orientated Cancer Moon at odds with the Sun in fiery, independent Aries. Saturn however is on standby to help, reminding us that if we set healthy boundaries and practice compassion, we can resolve any conflicts that arise. A Mars-Saturn trine is also in play throughout the week, bolstering us emotionally as well as physically. It’s a calming influence as it tones down the frantic Aries stellium and reminds us that we have plenty of time to complete our goals. Channel your energies carefully. Steady as she goes.

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27-Mar-23 Mercury square Pallas
Putting words into other people’s mouths. Mediation hits a stumbling block. Impulsive decisions to solve a problem could backfire. Take time to evaluate.

28-Mar-23 Mercury conjunct Jupiter
Mental stimulation. Fast judgements (positive or negative). Ideas in development. Storytelling. A desire to learn.

29-Mar-23 First Quarter Moon in Cancer
A need to feel safe vies with the desire for new beginnings and fresh challenges. Sooth your inner child, then fill them with enthusiasm for all adventures to come.

30-Mar-23 Mars trine Saturn. Mercury conjunct Vesta. Venus conjunct Uranus
Effective energy management. Long terms goals. Strength training of all kinds. Free your heart to find your focus.

31-Mar-23 Mercury conjunct Eris
Mental discord. Interruptions. Speaking out of turn. Challenge thoughts that sap your confidence.

01-Apr-23 Venus sextile Pallas
Aesthetic appeal. Artistry and craftsmanship. Elegant solutions to problems.

02-Apr-23 Mars sextile North Node
An opportunity to express vulnerability to find support for goals. Let go of trying to control every eventuality. Intuitive moves now have the potential to lead to greater security.

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